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    In recent years, the institute has been active in exploring the possibilities of transforming research into productivity by collaborating with some enterprises. Consequently Bt-cotton has been a great success in commercialization and a series of products from microbial enzymatic engineering are emerging, such as organic phosphorus hydrolase, lactase and several patents of new genes.

    Commercialization of Domestic Transgenic Insect-Resistant Cotton

    From 1999-2006, the market proportion of domestic Bt cotton increased about 10% per year. In 2008, it shares nearly 90% of Chinese market and accumulative planting areas reached 36 million hm2. The estimated profit is about 96 billion yuan (RMB). With further commercialization of domestic Bt cotton, transgenic cotton planting would bring much more economic, ecological and social benefits.

    Industrialization of Transgenic Phytase Maize

    The transgenic phytase maize is one of the first genetically modified food crops that are allowed to be commercially produced in China, and serves as technological reserve for creating a new path in feed industry. Besides, the transgenic phytase maize plays an essential role in promoting international competitiveness of maize industry in China.

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