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    Crop Molecular Breeding

    Mainly focusing on research and development of crops, including cotton, maize, rice, potato and other crops, using transgenic approaches and genome editing methods, to carry out genetic engineering improvement and germplasm innovation for the traits of inset resistance, herbicide tolerance, disease resistance, stress resistance and quality improvement, etc.

    Plant Functional Genomics and Molecular Biology

    Establishment of T-DNA insertional mutant platform for rice functional genomics; cloning and functional validation of genes controlling agronomical important traits in rice; grass improvement through biotechnology. Mainly focus on elucidating gene expression and regulation network in signal transduction process of plant stress tolerance; application of functional regulatory genes to improve stress tolerance of crops.

    Biofortification and Metabolic Regulation

    Focusing on elucidating molecular mechanisms of crop quality trait formation; cloning of functional genes controlling quality traits; establishing molecular breeding systems for quality traits; carrying out crop epigenetic studies.

    Special Microbial Resources and Functional Genomics

    Exploration and utilization of novel functional genes such as Bt gene in pest control and the molecular mechanisms; genomic and functional genetic research on non-leguminous crops such as rice, associated nitrogen fixation bacterium.

    Microbial Protein Engineering

    Screening and expression for environment-friendly, safe and efficient new enzyme protein; establishment of the enzyme protein molecular modification platform and multi-gene bioreactor expression system; production of animal genetic engineering products by the new baculovirus expression system in Bombyx mori.

    Biosafety Assessment on Genetically Modified Organisms

    Establishment of gene splicing and protein reassemble technology; establishment of  evaluation model of rice gene flow; research on control measures of gene safety; construction of high precision identification and location system of exogenous DNA, and development of standard substance; development of relative standards for risk assessment of genetically modified plants and microorganisms, and detection technology for GM products. 

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