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    Key Laboratory of Agricultural Genomics (Beijing), Ministry of Agriculture

    The Key Laboratory of Agricultural Genomics (Beijing), Ministry of Agriculture, was established in 2011. The laboratory is mainly focused on research and development of transgenic insect- and disease-resistant, and abiotic stress- and herbicide-tolerant crops; construction of rice T-DNA insertion mutant library for functional genomics studies; gene expression regulation and signal transduction in plant growth, development, abiotic and biotic stress tolerance; cloning and functional characterization of genes controlling quality traits in crops; expression system of chloroplast and insect viruses; collection and utilization of special microbial resources; molecular design of bio-protection microorganisms; genetic engineering of organic phosphorous degradation microorganisms; metabolomics and metabolic engineering of radiation tolerance, nitrogen fixation and bio-energy microorganisms; environment safety assessment of genetically modified plants and microorganisms; detection techniques for transgenic products.

    Beijing Key Laboratory of Agricultural Genetic Resources and Biotechnology

    It’s the joint key laboratory of BRI and Beijing Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center. Laboratory focus on main crops as well as important model plant material, systematically carry out transcriptomics, functional genomics, epigenetic and proteomics research, including identification, expression, and function analysis of new genes in large-scale, exploration of new genes’ potential application value, promotion of innovation and industrialization of plant biotechnology products.

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