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  • Nanotechnology Applications and Implications of Agrochemicals towards Sustainable Agriculture and Food System
    Author:Admin Click: Nov 17, 16


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    Global food and nutrition security is a pressing grand societal challenge, given an estimated population to reach more than 9 billion people by 2050. Finite land, water and other resources of the Earth used for agricultural and food production and processing have already largely been exploited. Climate change and variability further exacerbate global agricultural production. Current technologies, products and applications of agrochemicals (broadly including fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, insecticides, fungicides, antimicrobials, and engineered nano materials for similar applications) are posing serious threats to the environment, safe food supply, and sustainable development. It is imperative to accelerate the advancement of science and technologies to provide transformative solutions to effectively address these imminent challenges so that a pathway toward sustainable agriculture and food systems may be paved. The frontier discoveries in nanoscale science, engineering and technology have revealed many promises for applications in food and agriculture. Active research programs have been launched to pursue nanotechnology-enabled technologies and products for agriculture and food systems throughout the world since early 2000.



    The focus of this international conference is to exchange the latest knowledge and development in nanotechnology applications and implications of agrochemicals toward sustainable agriculture and foodsystems. World-leading experts and active scientists will gather together to discuss a wide range of relevant issues, including food and nutrition security and sustainability, agricultural productivity and efficiency, food safety, risk assessment and managements of engineered nano materials, and environmental and ecological systems. Multiple disciplines will converge at this conference ranging from agricultural and crop production, food quality and safety, plants/soil/microbiome interaction, engineering, sensors and detection, nano-biomaterials, environmental quality to ethical, social and legal implications, with a balanced attention to both basic and applied sciences. The participants will be encouraged to suggest future directions, strategies, and implementations of nanotechnology for agricultural production and food systems. A collegial atmosphere at this conference will encourage young scientists and students to contribute their research outcomes through technical and poster sessions, and to participate in the discussion and learn. It is hoped that this conference will give rise of a broad recognition of significant impact of nanotechnology that may afford on addressing agricultural productivity, nutrition and health, environmental sustainability and food safety. The participants will be energized with new ideas to pursue, and new professional contacts for collaboration in the field of nanotechnology for agriculture, food system and related sciences.


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