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  • Team of Functional Genomics for Crop Efficient Photosynthesis
    Author:Admin Click: Sep 05, 16

    Chief Scientist: Professor Tiegang LU


    Professor: Tiegang LU, Hao LIN, Lifang NIU, Xiaofeng GU, Xiao HAN, Jinxia WU

    Associate Professor :Zhiguo ZHANG, Xuehui SUN, Qian ZHANG

    Assistant Professor : Yingying MENG

    Research Goals:

    1) To clone abiotic stress tolerant genes and produce abiotic stress tolerant rice plants by molecular breeding;

    2) To uncover molecular mechanisms of Kranz structure formation and bundle sheath cell patterning in C4 maize and foxtail millet by comparison with C3 rice; to clone and analysis bundle sheath cell-specific promoters; to produce photosynthesis efficient and abiotic stress tolerant rice by specific gene regulation in bundle sheath cells.

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