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    Author:Admin Click: Sep 05, 16

    Chief Scientist: Professor Rui ZHANG

    Researchers: Rui ZHANG, Sandui GUO, Yanmin WU, Dehu LIU, Hongmei CHENG, Yixiong TANG, Yongqiang ZHANG, Yuan WANG, Guoqing SUN, Gangqiang LI, Huiming GUO, Zhigang MENG, Nan WANG, Chao ZHANG, Meiliang ZHOU, Zhaohong MENG

    Research Goals:

    The primary scientific goal of crop molecular breeding team is to extend our knowledge of molecular characterization and transformation of different biotic and abiotic stress responsive genes. In particular, our strong emphasis is on development of high yielding, environmental stress responsive and insect resistant transgenic cotton. We also occupy a prominent position and among the pioneers that are engaged in the development of hybrid cotton using three line hybridization system.  We are striving with the firm belief to provide the better opportunities in the field of plant molecular biology for domestic and international community.

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