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    Author:Admin Click: Sep 05, 16

    Chief Scientist: Professor Min LIN


    Professor: Min LIN, Ming CHEN, Yuquan XU, Jin WANG, Wei ZHANG, Shuzhen PING,

    Dr. Qi CHENG, Wei LU, Yongliang YAN, Yuhua ZHAN, Liwen ZHANG, Zhengfu ZHOU, Xiubin KE, Wenli SUN

    Research Goals:

    To isolate and identify the functional genes and/or gene clusters that are capable to mediate highly efficient nitrogen utilization, stress resistance/responses and other beneficial traits; to understand the mechanisms of these functional genes (clusters) and their regulation units/networks; to prepare the biological knowledge for next-generation agricultural microbial agents, new crop cultivars with stress resistance traits, and biosynthesis of artificial nitrogen fixation units.

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