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  • Team of Crop Metabolic Regulation and Biofortification
    Author:Admin Click: Sep 05, 16

    Chief scientist:Professor Chunyi ZHANG

    Researchers: Chunyi ZHANG, Lei WANG, Rumei CHEN, Xiaoduo LU, Ling JIANG, Xiaojin ZHOU, Miaoyun XU, Xiaoqing LIU

    Research Goals: 

    The team mainly focuses on developing nutrition-associated traits in food crops. Our research work involves the establishment of omics-based methodology for characterization of micronutrients and functional metabolites, identification of rate-limiting steps in metabolic pathways and investigation of metabolic regulatory mechanisms of micronutrient synthesis and transport as well as accumulation. Moreover, we also put efforts into analyses of the effects of environment factors on synthesis, degradation and variation of metabolites. Thus we could advance knowledge on functional metabolites and provide theoretical and technical instruction for molecular breeding of biofortified crops by design.


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